J’s Brisket

J's Beef Brisket

Enjoy J’s, ONE-OF-A-KIND SMOKED Texas-Inspired, Wisconsin-Spirited beef brisket, shipped right to your door.

Choose whether you’d like it pre-sliced, chopped or whole, then select between moist/fatty (point) or lean (flat) cuts of our beef brisket.

Each pound of meat feeds 2 – 4 people.

$22.95 / lb


Sold by the pound

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J’s BBQ is notably famous for its beef brisket. Locally sourced, J’s BBQ’s most prized possession is treated in 3 rounds: dry-wet-dry, then rests to allow the degradation of protein to occur~ allowing the proprietary blended flavors to settle in, and the tenderizing process to begin. SMOKED low and slow for 15 hours, the end product is a smoky, tender and juicy beef topped with a perfect combination of slightly sweet and peppered bark.

J’s BBQ only serves choice beef that is selected, trimmed and held in our own distribution slot. No one else in Wisconsin (or the U.S.) prepares and smokes Beef Brisket like J’s BBQ. We are proud to own a business that offers brisket exclusive to “Something Special from Wisconsin.”

Try some of the best melt-in-your-mouth brisket that you’ll ever taste!

Gluten Free
J’s BBQ uses local hickory wood during the smoke process of all of our meats. Please note all products are frozen prior to shipping.

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Whole, Sliced, Chopped


Lean (flat), Wet (point)