J’s Pulled Pork Shoulder (pre-sauced in J’s BBQ sauce)

J's Pulled Pork Shoulder (pre-sauced in J's BBQ sauce)

J’s BBQ pulled pork is smoked fresh, daily! Pulled by hand and sauced with J’s BBQ, this pulled pork is lean, tender & INCREDIBLY re-heat/user friendly! Slowly re-heat in your favorite crock pot, on med-low in a sautee pan, or low and slow in your oven.

Each pound feeds 2-4 people.

$16.95 / lb



J’s BBQ pulled pork is well-respected and LOVED amongst our consumers and fans. J’s Pork Shoulder is smoked in-house for 15 hours, low and slow. The result is nothing but succulent, hand-pulled (to remove and separate any unwanted parts), tender and moist pork that simmers in our housemade J’s BBQ sauce~ a well-balanced BBQ offering the right amount of tang and sweet, with all the right spices. THIS pork is OFF the CHART!!

Gluten Free. BBQ uses local hickory wood during the smoke process of all of our meats. Please note all products are frozen prior to shipping.

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